Illness and Appointments
If your child is going to be absent due to illness, please inform the school office before 9.00am. If your child has not arrived at school on time and we have not been informed we will contact you to check they are safe and see why they are not in school.
The following link may help you decide if you think your child is too ill for school - Is my child too ill for school? - NHS (
If your child has a medical or dental appointment, please inform the school office beforehand.
Children must be collected from the school office for appointments, where they should be signed out before leaving school. If a child returns to school during the day, they must be signed back in.

Absence for Exceptional Circumstances
The following information comes from the East Riding of Yorkshire Council and refers to updated guidance regarding how schools respond to holiday requests and absence.
Parents are required under the Education Act (1996) to ensure that their child attends school regularly. There is, however, a discretionary power held by Headteachers to authorise absence in exceptional circumstances. Please note this is not an entitlement.
The Headteacher will only authorise absence in line with the East Riding Behaviour & Attendance Partnership ‘Absence from School for Exceptional Circumstances Policy’, see below. 

Keyingham Primary School's Attendance Policy