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Welcome to our Website

A warm welcome to Keyingham Primary School. We’re a school with years of educational life and experience that gives the school its unique atmosphere and place in the community. Our children find themselves in a busy and enthusiastic learning environment where there is always much to do, see and learn. We aim to provide a stimulating and structured environment in which all members of the school community are valued.

We hope that you will find this website useful, informative and “to the point”. You should get a good impression of the school’s life and ethos. We are committed to providing the very best for the children at Keyingham Primary and we believe that this means a great deal more than simply those results that can easily be tested and presented in tables.

Primary schooling should be about developing children’s learning attitudes and their characters so that they will want to go on learning for ever, and although this means high standards in English and Maths, it means so much more besides.

School Admissions
Applying for a Place at our School

Applying for a Place

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Applying for a Place

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Government Guidelines

Applying for a Place

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About Us
Who We Are and What We Do

Our School Staff

Find out about the people who work at our school, their roles and responsibilities. Our dedicated team…

The Governors

Find out about the people who oversee the general vision and management of our school. Our dedicated…

The School PTA

Our PTA is run by dedicated parents who spend time raising money for the school and putting on additional…

School Council

Every year our children elect a new team to the school council. They spend time meeting each week…
Our Caring Staff
Aims & Ethos

Aims and ethos express the goals and expectations of the school. They express the general targets that we aim for when giving a safe and secure place of learning for your child. Every school needs these clear sets of aims in order to fulfil their vision and values in their pursuite of excellence.

Here you will find an outline of ours which will show you our educational model. They will show our dedicaton to your child having not only the best learning experience that we can give but also growing as a person to enable them to tackle their next challenges in life. To enable them to do well as they grow in their education and to be the beginning point in a love of life long learning.

The School Day

Daily Schedule – School Day Times

Foundation Stage Opening Times
Foundation Stage 1
Morning session – 8.40am – 11.40am
Lunch (optional session) – 11.40 – 12.15pm
Afternoon session – 12.15pm – 3.15pm

Key Stage 1 & Foundation Stage 2
Registration – 8.45am – 8.55am
Playtime – 10.15am – 10.35am
Lunchtime – 11.55am – 1.00pm
End of the school day – 3.10pm

Key Stage 2
Registration – 8.45am – 8.55am
Playtime – 10.15am – 10.35am
Lunchtime – 12.00 – 1.05pm
End of the school day – 3.15pm

General News Feeds

Notices of Events

Events for the Summer Term 2018

Tuesday 17th April & the following six Tuesdays – Year 5 ‘Cycle 4 Life Challenge: The Revolution Cup Inter School Cycle Racing Event’ training sessions from a British Cycle Coach.
Thursday 19th April until Monday 30th April– Year 5 and 6 Bikeablility training
Tuesday 24h April – Year 4 swimming lessons will take place every Tuesday and Friday morning starting until 25th May.
Friday 27th April – 2.45pm – Miss Rutherford’s class will lead parents’ assembly.
Monday 30th April – Junior Road Safety Officers will be running a ‘Lucky Lock’ competition over the week
Monday 7th May – School will be closed for the May Day holiday.
Tuesday 8th May & Monday 21st May – Year 2 children will be sitting SATs tests over these two weeks.
Monday 14thMay -Year 6 children will be sitting SATs tests over this week.
Thursday 17th May – 2.15 pm – Meeting for Year 1 parents about the Phonics Screening that all Year 1 children do in June.
Friday 18th May – Royal Wedding and end of Y6 SATS Celebration Lunch.
Friday 18th May – Miss Chadwick’s class will lead parents’ assembly.
Monday 21st May – Maths week
Monday 21st May – Optional tests for Y1,3,4 & 5 over this week
Wednesday 23rd May – 9.30am- Parents’ celebration assembly.
Thursday 24th May – All the children will be taking part in a maths problem solving challenge day led by an outside company.
Thursday 24th May – Parents are invited to join their child for a maths lesson. 9.15 am – FS1, FS2, Y5 & Y6. 2.15pm – Y1, Y2, Y3 & Y4.
Friday 25th May – School closes for the half term holiday.
Monday 4th June – School re-opens after the half term holiday.
Monday 4th June – Student teacher will be teaching in Year 6 and Year 5, alongside Mr Hebb and Mr Adams, until the 29th June.
Thursday 7th June – Year 6 children will have a presentation by LA staff about using school buses (Buswise) in readiness for their transfer to High School in September.
Monday 11th June – Children in Year 1, and any Year 2 children who did not meet the national standard last year, will be doing the phonics screening over this week.
Monday 11th June at 2.30pm– Parents of children in Year 5 &6 are invited to watch the DVD that will be used in sex and relationship lessons.
Wednesday 13th June –2.45pm– Mrs Lawson & Miss Grange’s class will lead parents’ assembly.
Monday 18th June – Year 5 & 6 children will be involved in sex and relationship lessons this week. A separate letter will be sent to parents with children in Y5 & 6 and
Wednesday 20th June 2018 – Year 5 cycle team will take part in the ‘Cycle 4 Life Challenge: The Revolution Cup Inter School Cycle Racing Event’ at Ennerdale.
Tuesday 26th June- 6.30 pm -Peat Rigg meeting for the parents of children going on the trip in October.
Thursday 21st June- Industry Day- Please contact Miss Burman or Mrs Edmiston if you know anyone who would be willing to come and talk to the children about their job.
Thursday 28th June 1.45pm– Parents of children in FS1 & FS2 are invited to an afternoon about reading.
Friday 22nd June onwards– Children who are due to start school full time in September, who do not already attend the Foundation Stage Unit, will be visiting school on Friday afternoon.
Monday 25th June – morning – Sports Day for children in FS2 & Y1 to Y6.
Monday 25th June – afternoon – Sports Day for children in Foundation Stage 1.
Friday 29th June – 2.00pm – Meeting for parents of children due to start FS2 in September.
Thursday 5th July – 2.15pm – Children in Year 4,5 & 6 will perform what they have learnt this year with Mr Woolfries in music lessons.
Monday 9th July – 2.15pm
– There will be a meeting for parents of FS2 children about Year 1.
Tuesday 10th July – afternoon
– Children in Year 4 and the choir will be taking part in the Big Sing at Bridlington Spa.
Wednesday 11th July – 2.00pm
Monday 9th July – 4.30pm – 6.00pm
There will be an end of year and leavers disco with free tickets for Year 6 children.
Thursday 12th July & Friday 13th July
– Transition days. Year 6 children will be visiting Withernsea High School on these days. Children in other year groups will be spending the day in the classes they will be moving to in September. Children due to start FS2 in September will be invited to stay for the full day on the Thursday.
Monday 16th July
– End of Year reports will be sent home with children to parents. Please remember that if you need us to send a copy of your child’s report to an adult who lives at a different address you must provide us with a stamped addressed envelope.
Tuesday 17th July
– Parents will be invited to join our fundraising ‘cook off ‘ afternoon.
Thursday 19th July
– Superhero Learning reward day.
Wednesday 18th July – 4.00pm – 6.30pm
– Open Evening.
Friday 20th July – 9.30am
– Parents’ celebration and Year 6 Leavers’ assembly.
Friday 20th July
– School closes for the summer holidays.

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Food Provision
What’s On The Menu
Our Lunchtime Food

School Dinners

We pride ourselves in supplying our children with excellent food. We feel that it is one of the most important parts of a child’s life – to eat properly. Eating a healthy diet enables a child to live life to the full and gives them a better performance all round, specifically helping with their concentration levels – which in turn affects achievement. Its good to know that our children are getting a well balanced and healthy meal.
Points of Interest

Parents' Evenings

Parental Consultation Evenings allow our parents to come into school and spend some time …

Our School Clubs

It is important for children to have school clubs to attend that will help them find and discover ….

Our Weblinks Forum

The internet is a great place from which to learn. Our weblinks forum will give you immediate access …

Our School Awards

Schools can gain awards that demonstrate achievement in a specific area of learning …

Curriculum & Policy Information

Our School Curriculum

The curriculum is the knowledge and skills pupils are expected to learn in school …

Our School Policies

Our policies show how our school is run. Each one is set up so that the school operates smoothly ….

Statistics & Results

Find out our ratings on the national school performance tables and any other relevant data …

SEND/Child Welfare

Safeguarding and local offer information. Showing how your child is kept safe in school …
Premium Spends
Spending Money

The school is granted premiums each year to spend on supporting children in their education. Here we have information on the Pupil Premium and Sport Premiun spends.

The pupil premium is additional funding for publicly funded schools in England to raise the attainment of disadvantaged pupils of all abilities and to close the gaps between them and their peers.

Schools receive PE and sport premium funding based on the number of pupils in years 1 to 6. Schools must use the funding to make additional and sustainable improvements to the quality of PE and sport they offer.

Premium Image
A School Overview
Our prospectus will give you a good insight into school life. It will give you essential information showing who runs our school and how it is managed. View our prospectus by clicking on the pdf file link to the right.
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Local Authority

Visit our LA Website

Visit your local LA web page to find out more.

See our inspection reports

Visit your local LA web page to find out more.
Parent View

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Performance Tables

Visit the Performance Tables Website

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Looking Great at School

Our School Uniform

It’s important to turn up to school feeling that you belong and ready to learn. Our school uniform does exactly that. It makes our children look smart and provides an identity as a member of our education community.
Uniform Image
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Hi everyone. We hope that you all have a fantastic time looking through this website and that it more than serves your needs in answering questions about our school and its facilities. If you want to send us some feedback why not use the online form above? It would be great to hear from you. There will be lots more materials added here over time so please come back regularly to see what's new or, even better, follow us on social media. That way you won't miss a thing. Enjoy. 🙂

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