Year 3


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Writing/Whole School Project: Keyingham Primary Journal

Year 3 Writing Task: Village Journal 

Hello everyone,  

Over the past 10 weeks some of you have sent in some lovely work and photographs of things you’ve been doing whilst staying at home and keeping safe. It is lovely to see all your smiley faces again after such a long time! 

What we would like to do is hopefully create a big school village journal that shows what everyone has done over the past ten weeks at home. Your journal topic could be on anything you choose, such as: baking, sports, entertainment etc. Don’t forget to add some photographs if you can!  

As a Year 3 writer, I would like to see if you can create a paragraph that covers the 5 W’s (who, what, why, when and where) on your chosen topic. In your paragraph, I would like you to try and include the suggested Year 3 writing features below. 


  • Time adverbial (Last week, early in the morning, yesterday, in the evening) 

Example: At the weekend, a small family, that were incredibly bored, decided to create an obstacle course in their back garden. 

  • Subordinate clause (use a subordinating conjunction – if, since, as, when, although, while, after, before, until) 

Example: The parents made sure that everyone had sun lotion on because it was extremely hot outside. 

  • Commas in a list  

Example: The children enjoyed playing in the swimming pool as they could swim, dive and play games in it. 

  • Prepositional phrase (remember the preposition – above, below, next to, under) 

Example: Whilst the family gathered up the equipment to put it away, the young boy pointed to a football underneath the bushes. 

  • Y3/4 suffix or prefix (dis, re, in, miss, sub/ able, ation, ible, cial, cious, tious)  
  • Example: Before the sun began to disappear, the family played one last game of football on the luscious, green grass. 

I’m looking forward to seeing them all! 

Stay safe,

Miss Petch 😊