Year 2


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Writing/Whole School Project: Keyingham Village Journal

Hello everyone, 

Over the past 10 weeks some of you have sent in some lovely work and photographs of things you’ve been doing whilst staying at home and keeping safe. It is lovely to see all your smiley faces again after such a long time! 

What we would like to do is hopefully create a big school village journal that shows what everyone has done over the past ten weeks at home. Your journal topic could be on anything you choose that you have enjoyed doing such as …..baking, sports, art , going on a walk, reading an amazing book etc. Don’t forget to add some photographs if you can! 

As a Year 2 writer, I would like to see if you can create sentences that are grouped into sections on your chosen topic. In your writing, I would like you to try and include the suggested Year 2 writing skills below. There are some sentences  and words to help you with each skill. 

  • A short introduction 

 In week three of our time at home, I made an amazing cake with my mum and sister. Read more to find out what we did. 

  • Written in the past tense. 

Baked, walked, drew, painted, played, built, cooked…. 

  • Main ideas are organised in groups. 

 First we got out all the ingredients to bake our cake. We got a bowl and a spoon and the weighing scales to get everything ready. We even stuck the recipe where we could see it without it getting covered in cake mixture!  

  • Using sequencing techniques – time related words. 

First, Then, After that, Later, Next, Finally 

  • Use an exclamation mark and a question mark  

It was amazing! Why don’t you try this with your family? 

I’m looking forward to reading them all! 

Take care, have fun, stay safe! 

Miss Lake😊