Whole School Approach to Mental Health and Wellbeing

In September 2021, the Department of Education offered all schools and colleges a specialised training grant so they could train a member of their team to be a senior mental health lead (SMHL).  

The role of a SMHL is to develop and embed a whole school approach to mental health and wellbeing. The original model consisted of 8 pillars, however, this has now been condensed down to 5: leading change, working together, understanding need, promoting wellbeing and supporting staff.

Keyingham Primary School's SMHL is Lucy Richardson. 

Through training and guidance, Keyingham Primary School are proud to say they have a whole school approach to mental health.

Leading Change

The whole school approach for mental health and wellbeing links in with Keyingham Primary Schools Development Plan. Mental health and wellbeing are integrated into our policies, procedures and approaches throughout.

We have a positive ethos and environment throughout Keyingham Primary School. We show our school values, celebrate all achievements and ensure everyone uses a healthy language around wellbeing and mental health.

Working Together

Keyingham Primary School have a wellbeing action group who meet on a regular basis. They review the whole school approach and make sure it is up to date.

Students, staff, parents/carers have the opportunity to share their voice, feedback is always welcome. We share wellbeing guidance on school noticeboards and make sure we have easy and accessible ways of obtaining help.

Keyingham Primary School are also signed up to the Humber Teaching NHS, Mental Health Support team. The team can support students as a class or on an individual basis, deliver assemblies and they can also work with staff and parents. Our Educational Mental Health Practitioner in Training is Oliver Alderson. She is on site every Monday. The information leaflet about the team is attached below.

Understanding Need 

Keyingham Primary School can identify a risk, put in place interventions and measure wellbeing in all children through using the Boxall Profiling Programme. Staff are aware of poor wellbeing behaviours and know interventions are needed. We have a trained ELSA who is also qualified in Drawing and Talking and Build to Express. A few members of staff are Youth Mental Health First Aid Trained. Marlow and Sherlock, our wellbeing Labradors, are also part of our Keyingham Primary School offer. On top of our school interventions, we work very closely with external agencies.

Promoting Wellbeing 

We are Proud to announce we have embedded Jigsaw lessons throughout our Curriculum. To find out more about these lessons, please click here.

Keyingham Primary School have Student Wellbeing ambassadors. To find out more about our school leaders, please click here. They have completed training through MIND and offer peer on peer support at their Brain Break group.

Supporting Staff 

Staff are also well supported here at Keyingham Primary School. As we are part of the Consortium Academy Trust, we have access to their amazing wellbeing package, please click here to find out more. We have qualified adult mental health first aid staff who are always offering support when needed. As a school and a Trust training is always offered in all areas of need and interest.