What is our 'blended learning' offer at Keyingham Primary?

  1. Every child has access to a 'virtual' classroom shared with their year group via a personal Microsoft Teams account.
  2. Every child in KS1 and KS2 receives a minimum of 3 hours of curriculum led learning per day through a mixture of live and pre-recorded sessions from their teacher.  Where possible, these sessions mirror the format that our pupils recognise from class e.g. Sentence Stacking, Book Talk sessions ad Classroom Secrets Maths.  However, there will also be opportunities for pupils to complete independent research-guided assignments and quizzes via the Microsoft Teams platform.
  3. Every EYFS pupil can access their class throughout the day for live learning opportunities with their friends and teachers.  We continue to deliver core learning in Early Literacy and Maths to our EYFS children at this time through their virtual classroom.
  4. We teach the same curriculum remotely as we do in school wherever possible and appropriate.  Our whole school curriculum, that starts with the child and widens their learning and understanding to their school, locality, country and 'beyond' each year is planned sequentially and carefully to accommodate periods of blended learning throughout the year.  We may, at times, need to make certain changes to our planned learning for example certain science experiments may be adapted to be better completed in the home but the objectives will still lead the pupils' learning.  
  5. Every household in our school community that needed to, has been able to access the necessary technology to work via MS Teams through the loan of school devices.  We are awaiting a further delivery of DfE laptops and will distribute them safely when they arrive.  We are also buying bluetooth keyboards to support learning for pupils accessing Teams on a tablet.
  6. We have staggered 'live' sessions throughout the day to facilitate a class 'hello!' to ensure that siblings sharing devices can 'touch base' with their teacher and peers everyday.
  7. We have assigned Progress Tutors to specific children to support academic progress at this time as they work from home and/or pastoral support through this most recent lockdown.
  8. Pupils in KS2 that require specific Phonic input are still receiving these sessions on a daily basis in a small 'blended' environment, to ensure their progress continues.
  9. We have bought in to several web-based platforms to support pupil learning both in school and at home.  Links to these resources can be found in the Whole School Resources' tab on the right.  A key feature of this is our use of RWI and Oxford Owl banded reading books to encourage the children to 'Just Keep Reading!'  If you or your child are unsure of their correct 'level' to read, please contact their class teacher.
  10. Finally ... we are always at the end of the phone! If you or your child needs some help and support at this time, please do not hesitate to contact either your child's teacher or the school office between 8am and 4pm every school day!  We have links (to the right of this page) with a growing bank of tutorials and help sheets to support you in accessing Teams.  If you contact your child's teacher via Teams chat, please understand that they may not be able to respond instantly due to their teaching commitments.  

Our approach to teaching and learning at this time is formulated in accordance with DfE, OFSTED and Trust advice and guidance.  Attached below are several key documents that have helped us to shape our blended learning offer.

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