It’s important to turn up to school feeling that you belong and look ready to learn. Our school uniform does exactly that. It makes our children look smart and provides an identity as a member of our school community.

As we have refreshed our school badge and houses in school, we had planned to do a full uniform consultation over this academic year, however, this has not been a priority during lockdown.

We have, however, updated our school Jumpers and Cardigans, they can be found here to purchase


The below information will provide you with detail on other areas of our school uniform.

  • Children must wear white polo shirts.
  • Grey trousers/skirts/shorts/pinafore dresses can be worn.
  • Sensible plain black footwear – this can be shoes or trainers, as long as they have no white or coloured marks on them.
  • Gingham dresses are a Summer Term option of clothing.
  • Socks can be grey or white. Tights can be grey.
  • No legging can be worn in school.
  • A navy book bag (available widely)
  • For PE, a plain white t-shirt, navy shorts and trainers must be worn. The shorts can be cycling shorts or sweat shorts. In winter a navy tracksuit can be worn. These will be brought in on a Monday morning and stay on a child’s peg throughout the week, then brought home on a Friday afternoon.

If for whatever reason you are struggling, please email admin@keyinghamprimary.co.uk