The Keyingham Curriculum


Our curriculum, by working closely within the guidance of the National Curriculum, helps our pupils to understand their place and potential in this world.  It develops an understanding of their community and our roots within the village whilst looking out and forward to the future and the part that they can play in shaping their lives and the world in which they live. 


Learning throughout the school year is structured ‘geographically’.  Our children start with an understanding of their immediate locality and, each half term, extend their horizons further and further.  The knowledge and skills gathered each half term connect together and are then revisited at a deeper level year on year. 

Our School

Where is our school? With whom do we share our school? What is the view like from school?

Our Village

Where is Keyingham? How old is Keyingham? Why is Keyingham here? What happens in Keyingham?

Our Locality

Why is Hull here? Why is it known as the 'Maritime City'? What is the future for Hull?

Our Region

Will Keyingham ever have a beach?

Our Wider World

Where else in the country is similar to us? Where else is different?

Our World & Beyond!

Where else in the world is similar to us? Where else is different?