The Keyingham Curriculum

Through our curriculum planning and delivery, our #KeyinghamKids will learn more and see more so that they can be more!

We have built the Keyingham Curriculum around our children by planning around well-respected resources and individual contexts within our setting.  Each year, we help them to gain a richer knowledge and deeper understanding of the world around them.  Our curriculum encourages curiosity by framing learning through key questions - building knowledge whilst also developing reasoning skills and vocabulary.  Review of knowledge and understanding is key to ensure that the curriculum supports our children and allows them to put the pandemic behind them.  We scaffold our learning through challenging, rich and diverse texts to provide a vehicle for discussion, creation and more questions.


Please click the subjects below to see our overview maps for each subject.  We have more detailed progression maps available for our staff and their planning and if you would like to see these at any time, please contact us at school via email and we would be happy to share them with you.

Art & Design


Design & Technology 






Music (we follow the Charanga schemes of learning - click here for more information)


PSHE/RHE (although the wider SMSC curriculum is embedded in our Pathway Curriculum, we follow the Jigsaw schemes of learning)



The Pathway Curriculum