The Keyingham Curriculum


We have built the Keyingham Curriculum around our children.  Each year, we help them to gain a richer knowledge and deeper understanding of the world around them.  Learning is sequenced coherently, is cyclical and is revisited each year so that new learning is built upon secure foundations.  Our curriculum encourages curiosity by framing learning through key questions - building knowledge whilst also developing reasoning skills and vocabulary.  Review of knowledge and understanding is key to ensure that the curriculum truly supports our children and allows them to put the pandemic behind them.


The Keyingham Curriculum follows a path with the child at its centre.  Our pupils start each academic year focussing on themselves and our questions build up and outwards from there, gaining knowledge and drawing comparisons to deepen their appreciation and understanding.  We scaffold our learning through challenging, rich and diverse texts to provide a vehicle for discussion, creation and more questions.

Autumn 1 - The children learn about themselves as an individual and as part of their family and wider community.  They study their history and heritage.  They ask questions about what is important to them and why.

Autumn 2 - The children learn about their immediate environment - our school.  We study the values shared in school, the implications of our actions and the impact we can have.  We study our school outdoor environment and our 'view from the field'.

Spring 1 - The children study the historical and geographical context of our village, its links to society and culture.  They spend time becoming part of the community and developing links with our neighbours.

Spring 2 - The children expand their view to Hull and all the links, history, culture and heritage associated with the city.  They study transport links, business opportunities, cultural links and more!

Summer - The children now broaden their horizons to 'the beyond'! Depending on their age and stage, they journey throughout the country, the continent, the globe and beyond to complete their year of learning and to answer some truly 'big questions'!


We are reviewing these documents this term and will upload them again shortly.