UPDATED 10.09.2020

When will we start to receive homework?

Our first wave of home learning activities starts on Friday 11 September when the children will be bringing home their new 'Learning Beyond the Classroom' activity books.  There is more information to help answer this question on the 'Latest News' page of the website.  We are busy baseline assessing the children in class and will soon be able to start sending accurate reading books home too. To do this well and accurately can take a little time so please bear with us! 

What happens to my child's learning if they have to isolate or we go into another lockdown?

Our teaching staff have already received their first session on our revised approach to 'blended learning' this week and we will be following up with further training and guidance in staff training sessions next week and beyond.  This will mean that learning, feedback and progress continue for your children throughout the academic year.

UPDATED: 04.09.2020

Are packed lunch bags ok to use?

Yes. You can send your child's lunch in a packed lunch bag/box. 

UPDATED: 03.09.2020

What if my child has a cough or a cold?

The NHS advises that if a child has mild cold-like symptoms they should continue to go to school.  Sore throats and blocked or runny noses are not symptoms of coronavirus. 

However, if your child also has a new continuous cough or a fever, or a loss of - or change in - their sense of smell or taste, they may have coronavirus. Your child should stay at home, isolate for at least 10 days and be tested. 

UPDATED: 02.09.2020

Can my child bring their coat to school?

Yes.  Whilst we ask that you try to limit the amount of things they bring, they can of course wear appropriate clothing for the weather as Autumn and Winter approach.  

When is school open for the children?

We will be welcoming the children back to school on Wednesday 9 September.  We have two staff training days that week (7 & 8 September) to ensure that all staff are ready for the procedures and regulations in place in school.  We have issued all staff with a guidance handbook in advance of the training.  If you would like to read this document, it is attached below.

Will my child still be in a 'bubble'?

Yes.  Guidance for group size has increased since the summer term and now their 'bubble' will be their whole class.  In EYFS, to ensure full provision, the 'bubble' is both FS1 and FS2.  The 'bubbles' will be kept separate throughout the day when and wherever possible.

What can they bring to school with them?

Please send your child to school with their book bag, their PE kit and a water bottle.  We will provide all stationery required on an individual basis.  Please do not send your child to school with any toys.

Do they have to wear school uniform?

Yes.  We communicated our uniform expectations to families in July and provided further clarification when requested.  To read this again, please click here.

Are parents allowed on to the school site?

We are operating a restricted visitor policy on site this Autumn.  Where possible, all meetings/conversations will happen via a phone call.  Parents will be allowed on site (via the one-way system) at the allotted times for morning drop offs and afternoon collections.

Will there be a staggered start and end to the day?

Yes.  As mentioned above, we have a staggered start and end of the day for the safety of everyone so that social distancing measures can be maintained.  We wrote to all parents in July with more details of this and a map of the site.  If you would like to access this letter again - it is available at the foot of this page.

Will play and lunch times be staggered?

Yes. To ensure that the classes do not mix and risk 'popping their bubble' we have altered our daily timetables significantly to ensure staggered play and lunch times are sufficiently staffed and resourced.

Will school lunches be available?

Yes.  Our kitchen will be open from Wednesday 9 September.  To view menus and order lunch for your child - please download and use the School Gateway app. You can now place orders for the first week. If you wish to send a packed lunch, please send lunches in a lunch bag/box, this will need to be taken home at the end of each day. 

Will the Out of School Club be running?

We have changed our provider for our out of school club and are in the final stages of preparation now.  More details will be sent out as soon as we have them.

What can we do to help the school?

TCAT have produced an infographic with further advice for you to read.  It is attached below.  There is also some helpful advice to be found here.