Daily Routines and Activities

Learning Opportunities and Activities

Our main focus for EYFS learning is to observe and teach through child-led, play based learning.  However, we also deliver several discreet lessons throughout the day in our EYFS classes.  We place a high priority on pupils learning systematic, synthetic phonics through the Read Write Inc. scheme and we also teach a Maths session every day.  Other routines we follow are daily story sessions and group snack times to encourage communication and social skills.

A day in the life of one of our EYFS pupils looks like this:

Time Activity
8:30 Welcome - Self-registration Activities with Key Staff
8:45 Registration 
9:00 RWI Phonics Lesson
9:30 Play-led Learning (Indoor & Outdoor Provision)
10:15 Snack Time
10:30 Maths Lesson
11:00 Structured Story Time
11:45 Lunch Time
12:15 Play-led Learning (Indoor Provision)
12:45 Wider Curriculum Input
13:15 Play-led Learning (Indoor & Outdoor Provision)
14:45 End of the Day Story & Retrieval Activity
15:15 Home Time