Become a Keyingham Graduate

Within our Trust we strive to ensure that all learners receive an exceptional grounding in basic skills, including reading, writing, spelling, grammar, mathematical understanding and confidence in the expressive arts.

At Keyingham Primary we believe that independent, home-learning can be an important and valuable part of pupils’ learning if it is supporting knowledge acquisition, deepening understanding of key concepts and encouraging curiosity. 

We appreciate how important the links between home and school are, and the need for us to work together to ensure quality education for all children.  Our homework activities are carefully planned to extend learning, enhance and reinforce skills and understanding, and allow children to consolidate and improve their skills further.

Through the provision of a variety of activities and approaches to homework we aim to:

  • raise standards in all curriculum areas but particularly basic skills in Maths and English
  • create a sound partnership between parents and teachers with regard to children’s learning
  • consolidate/reinforce and develop pupils’ knowledge and understanding of work covered in class
  • improve pupils’ attitudes to learning and independent learning skills

Our first provision for home-learning is our knowledge and skills based Graduate Awards Programme.  It is designed to complement this and appeal to the learners' scholarly aspirations. Learners who wish to become Graduates in the available topics can elect to study at home and in school during their own time, taking the Graduate Test when they know they are ready. Upon graduation they will receive a badge which they can wear on their school uniform with pride.

Our second provision for home-learning is fo the children to participate in our daily 10-Minute Pledge.  Research shows that children who read (or are read to) for 20 minutes per day will achieve greater academic success in their Key Stage 2 assessments and beyond.  On top of our English curriculum delivery and wider love of Reading across the curriculum, we also make a 10-minute space in our day to read aloud to our pupils, in every year group to develop a love of narrative, an enjoyment of reading and a curiosity for new language and vocabulary.  We ask that the children and their families complete the other 10 minutes themselves at home.  This could be reading to themselves, reading their Read Write Inc. Book Bag Book with a family member or listening to a bedtime story.  

Our third provision for home-learning has developed through our Blended Learning Provision.  We have invested in several software packages that support pupils' Reading, Spelling and Maths skills.  The pupils all have their logins for these packages and are encouraged to access them throughout the week to support their learning.  Their learning can be tracked by their teachers and if you have any questions about this support - please contact their class teacher in the first instance.  A link to this provision can be found here.  If you are unable to access these platforms at home due to a lack of technology or WiFi, please let us know, and we will support these learning opportunities in an alternative way.