School Uniform Update

Good afternoon everyone,

I understand there has been a few questions regarding school uniform. I would like to clear up a few concerns.

  • If you have any school uniform that still fits your son/daughter, then please use this. This can be black, navy, grey, white, school branded or not school branded. But when they need to be replaced, please refer to our new uniform policy.
  • Gingham dresses are a Summer Term option of school clothing, due to us going into the Autumn Term grey skirts, shorts, trousers and pinafores can be worn.
  • Socks can be grey or white and tights can be grey.
  • Black sensible footwear can be all black trainers (no white or coloured marks) or all black shoes.
  • No leggings can be worn.
  • Navy PE shorts can be cycling shorts or tracksuit/sweat shorts.

School branded cardigans and jumpers will soon be available. I know some of you are eager to finish school shopping early but please bear with us, we want to get it right. These jumpers and cardigans will be available in all sizes from Rawcliffes. The shop has said if anyone has any concerns to just contact them.

If you are struggling for what ever reason, please email me on I will be checking the inbox every few days so will always reply.

Kind regards,

Mrs Richardson 😊