Headteacher Update

There is quite a lot to cover in this week's update so I thought it best to write it all down then you can check back for details at your leisure.  

In this update there will be messages about:

1) Sports Day

2) KS2 Dance Show

3) Staffing for 2022-23

4) Out of School Club

5) The Pathway Curriculum

6) Music Opportunities

7) Summer Reports and Parents' Evening

As always, if you have any extra questions about the contents of this update, please feel free to contact me at school.

Mrs White

Sports Day

We were so sorry to have to postpone Sports Day today! The children and staff were all excited for the event but as local reports of thunder and torrential rain came to our attention, we couldn't risk it! We will reschedule for the last week of term when all the children are on site (as Year 6 are starting their transition days soon).  We will keep an eye on the weather forecast and go for the best day that week that we can! We will give you as much notice as possible as we appreciate that it involves time off work for many of you.

KS2 Dance Show

Final dress rehearsals are planned for our first KS2 dance show and the stage is being set! If you missed the letter we sent out this week about costumes and coming to see the performance, it is attached below.  The 2 performances are Wednesday and Thursday afternoon and we hope to see many of you there.  The children have been working all term towards this event and we can't wait to see what they can do!

Staffing for next year

Looking ahead to next year, we can now share with you which teachers will be with which year groups:

EYFS: Miss Chadwick

Year 1: Mrs C Lawson

Year 2: Miss Heppleston

Year 3: Ms Whiting & Mrs Doves

Year 4: Miss Petch & Ms Walker

Year 5: Mr Hebb

Year 6: Mr Copley

Our next 'teacher take-over' will be Wednesday 6 July when teaching staff will be out on the playground at 8:30am if you would like to meet your child's teacher for next year.  Mrs Roberts and I have also been planning transition activities for our SEND and more vulnerable pupils. 

Out of School Club

You will find a letter below from Hayley Stammers, our current Out of School Club provider, to let you all know that she will no longer be running the provision in September.  We would like to thank her for running the club for these past two years and wish her well for her future ventures. 

This gives us the opportunity to take the club on ourselves and we will be sending out further information very soon about our plans.  We will be offering further enrichment opportunities through the club provision so that our #keyinghamkids can broaden their experiences outside the classroom whilst still providing the wraparound care that we know is so valuable to so many of our families.  

The Pathway Curriculum

To complement the developing curriculum in school, we have also been thinking hard about our new Pathway Curriculum.  This programme of study covers many aspects of our pupils' wider education of safety, careers, world views, faiths, cultures, health, character and values. 

Learning through the Pathway Curriculum will happen throughout the school day via assemblies, lessons, visitors, trips, pupil leadership opportunities and so much more.  We will update our full curriculum offer on the school website over the summer and share more details with you as they evolve.

Music Opportunities

We have been recommended by some of our local schools to ask if any children would be interested in music lessons from this company: In-School Rock & Pop Band Lessons | Rocksteady Music School.  Please take a look and contact me at school if you are interested.

Summer Reports and Parents' Evening

On Monday 11 July, we will be sending home our final snapshot report of the year with our most recent assessment data for the children.  We then look forward to seeing many of you at Parents' Evening on Tuesday 12 July between 3:45pm and 6:30pm.  A letter was sent out today, however, please also see the link below.