Head Teacher Update

This has been an exciting week at Keyingham. Our pupils celebrated World Book Day in style with some amazing costumes, comfy pyjamas and we even got to play Quidditch. Year 1 flew on a plane continuing their work on Amy Johnson. Our year 6 pupils also got to take part in some first aid training. It has been a pleasure this week to see some of older pupils playing games with the younger ones. They organised football matches, played duck, duck, goose and even managed a skipping competition. What a treat to see all the pupils displaying our core value of kindness. Thank you Keyingham Primary. Next week, we'll be looking forward to building on our work with OPAL and the play leaders and getting even more children involved with our lunchtime games. Year 3 and 4 will also have the chance to take part in some sports hall athletics. Have a great weekend everyone.