Friday 12 March 2021

Here are some of the things our #keyinghamkids have done this week to show that they are kind, courageous & curious!  Well done everyone!

They have shown kindness by...

helping their friends to put their coats on at the end of the day

showing a helpful attitude towards other children in the class 

noticing when other children are upset

helping other children during a reading session and encouraging them to use their phonic skills

They have shown courage by...

persevering in Maths and not letting their doubts get the better of them

showing it does not matter if you get questions wrong, it is how you learn from them

trying to master a new skill of catching a large ball during a group ball game of catch

wowing us with his amazing musical skills. It takes a lot of courage to stand up and be confident in sharing something new about ourselves, so well done! 

They have shown curiosity by...

displaying an intriguing mind when discussing rules of grammar

asking thoughtful questions to apply their learning in different contexts

working out who was the tallest person in our group by measuring everybody

showing an interest in mark making using natural materials, such as shells and cones to make prints in playdough

asking the meaning of new words and vocabulary in our 10 minute pledge