This week in class we have been asking:

What are the features of a narrative?

How do I add 2 4-digit numbers with one exchange?

How can we create a pumpkin design inspired by Yayoi Kusama?


Our ‘Flash Back 4’ questions were@

Today: How do we expand sentences using preposition?

This/last week: What is a truth? What are the political regions of Brazil?

This term: How do we classify plants?

Last term: What do we mean by parallel?


Next week we will be asking:

What is life like in Rio de Janeiro?


Our spelling rule next week is ‘oe’ including words such as:

Telescope, pole, notice, role, shown, oats, flown, although, microchip


Our Graduate Award that we are working towards is: 

‘Being Me’


Year 4 PE Days:

Wednesday and Friday.