This week in Year 3, we have been reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by J. K. Rowling. This week Harry and his friends have been put into houses using the sorting hat.


This week in Year 3, we have been learning about fractions AGAIN, and decimals. We have been learning about WW2 and the measures they had to take to protect themselves like, wearing gas masks, make a Fake Hull to trick the German planes, built air raid shelters, used barrage balloons to make the planes fly higher, took down signposts and didn’t name places in the news, had blackout curtains at the windows, kept rabbits/chickens for extra food and put tape on the windows so the glass didn’t shatter when the bombs dropped. While we did our work, the air raid siren went off and we had to hide in our Morrison shelter (underneath our school tables). Then the all clear siren went and we could get back up again. Today, we have made ration cake!


Next week in Year 3, we will be asking questions like ‘What is digital art?’ and ‘How can I use art to protect the environment?’