This week in Year 3, we have been reading ‘Code Name Bananas’ by David Walliams. As they were escaping from the zoo, they dropped Batter, Frown and Gnarl in the penguin pool but were attacked by anti-aircraft guns because they were mistaken for German planes. Then an air raid began and bombs started falling from the sky. The barrage balloon caught fire and Eric, Sid and Gertrude had to parachute from the truck to safety. As they walked home to Sid’s house, an air raid warden caught them and they were nearly arrested. Once safely home Eric, Sid and Bessie made a plan to get Gertrude out of London dressed in a wedding dress as a disguise.


This week in Year 3, we have been learning about plants. We have learned that they need water, light, warmth, something to grow in and time to grow. We also looked at the jobs each part of the plant does. In Computing, we have looked at online safety and how to keep ourselves safe. We used the Now Press Play system for online safety and plants. We have planted some cress and bean seeds to observe how the root and shoot grows.


Next week in Year 3, we will be asking questions like ‘Can we join textiles of different types in different ways?’ and ‘Can we choose the right ingredients for a product?’