This week in Year 3, we have been reading ‘Code Name Bananas’ by David Walliams. Eric found out that Uncle Sid had a ‘secret family’, which was made up of animals from the zoo that would have been put down – a flamingo, an elephant, a parrot, a crocodile, a tortoise, a baboon and a seal. Then Eric met Uncle Sid’s friendly neighbour, Bessie. After that, they stole a truck and a barrage balloon and went to rescue Gertrude. They got there just in time but as they were trying to escape, Colonel Batter, Sir Frederick Frown and Miss Gnarl grabbed hold of them and they went flying in the air.


This week in Year 3, we have been learning to sew a running stitch. We have cut up fabric to make the stained glass windows that we have designed. We have had to use ALL our patience and challenge ourselves quite a lot! In Maths, we have been dividing 2 digit numbers by 1 digit – we have found this REALLY hard. It has been a VERY tough week. We are ready for a rest!


Next week in Year 3, we will be asking questions like ‘What do plants need to grow?’ and ‘What does each part of the plant do?’