This week in class we have been asking, “What are balanced forces?” We learned that push and pull forces are represented with arrows and their size determines how strong the force is. We also asked, “Where is the Amalfi coast?” We learned it was next to the Mediterranean sea and tourist would go there for the views, or the food. When we looked at an atlas, we found out that Italy has acid rainfalls and the sea had oil pollution.   

Our 'Flash Back 4' questions were:  

1.What is a sprite?

2.What are The Alps?

3.What does evasion mean?

4.The xylem transport water and nutrients to the plant from the roots. What does the phloem do?

Next week, we will be asking, “How is the importance of tawhid expressed in Islamic life?” and “What are the Human and physical features of our local area?”

Our spelling rule next week is ‘ay’ sounding words, such as: layer, misbehave, mistake, locate, relocation, dislocate, wailing, aid, weight, survey, gazing, ache.

Our PE days are Monday (outdoor) and Tuesday (indoor)