This week in class we have been asking, “Where is The Alps?” We learned they ran over 7 countries, such as: Switzerland, Austria and Italy. In maths, we’ve been learning to add and subtract with capacity and volume. In Dance, we’ve been learning the first and second part of our dance routine. We’ve also been practising different songs in singing assembly and in music. In RE, we have continued to learn about what women wear in Islam and the different styles of Hijabs. One Muslim woman we learned about was Ibtihaj Muhammad. We learned she had a difficult childhood because she was the only person at her school to wear a hijab and was the first Muslim women to compete in the fencing Olympics and won bronze.

Our 'Flash Back 4' questions were: 

1.Why do some Muslim women wear Hijab’s? 
Why do some choose not to?

2.What are proportions and why are they important in portrait artwork?

3.What type of map would show continents and countries?
A) Physical map
B) Political map
C) OS map

4.The Egyptians lived under an autocracy. What does that mean?

BONUS: What is onion-skinning?

Next week, we will be asking, “What are the human and physical features of the Amalfi coast?” and “How can I keep myself safe online?”Our spelling rule next week is ‘sh’ sounding words, such as: establish, machine, extension, pressure, possession, mention, action, tradition, option, nation, electrician and politician.

Our PE days are Monday (outdoor) and Tuesday (indoor)