This week in class we have been asking, “What countries are in Europe?” We learned there are 50 different countries in Europe, for example Ukraine and Romania. We also learned some capital cities for example: France = Paris, Wales = Cardiff, Northern Ireland = Belfast, Germany = Berlin, Spain = Madrid, Denmark = Copenhagen and Slovakia = Bratislava. In PE, we started learning a dance from Hairspray. In Science, we learned about forces: pull and push.    

Our'Flash Back 4' questions were:

1.Give an example of a contact force.

2.Give 3 examples of seed dispersal.

3.How do tectonic plates effect volcanic eruptions?

4.What is a moral?

Next week, we will be asking, “What are the human and physical features of the Alps?” and “What can force do?”

Our spelling rule next week is ‘z’ sounding words, such as: zip, fizz, busy, business, exercise, deposit, impose, positive, possession, loser, surprise

Our PE days are Monday (outdoor) and Tuesday (indoor Dance)