This week in class we have been asking, “How fractions are similar and different?” We have learned new names of fractions and have learned that when the denominators are the same, we look for the biggest numerator, but when the numerators are the same, we look for the smallest denominator to find the biggest fraction. In Forest School, we’ve been making a happen. We have planned what we need for different environments, such as: desert, mountains and rainforest to enable us to survive. In writing, we’ve been writing a 5-part story about Pompeii. Our character travelled back in time to see Mount Vesuvius erupt and in Science, we have been learning about plants and their lifecycle.

Our 'Flash Back 4' questions were: 

1.What is the difference between an active, dormant and extinct volcano?

2.What does it mean to preserve something? How do we do this with food? How did the Egyptians use this?

3.What is germination?

4.What is a raised relief when using clay?

Next week, we will be filming our final take of our animated story and asking, “What is it like to live with volcanoes?”

Our spelling rule next week is ‘s’ sounding words, such as: special, suppose, politics, access, nonetheless, circle, decide, exercise, medicine, crescent and sentence

Our PE days are Tuesday and Thursday