This week in class we have been asking, “What animals are found in woodlands habitats?” We learned about what time of day hedgehog came out of their habitats. We also discussed how moss grows in a habitat. In Science, we learnt about what plants need. We learned they need: nutrients from soil, water, the correct temperature, carbon dioxide, oxygen, light and space. We can remember this by the acronym MRS GOWN. In Jigsaw, we’ve been learning about being healthy. We learned about how drugs can be good, or bad. For example: medicine that we take when we’re poorly can help us get better, but they must come from a trusted adult, or medical professional. 

‘Our 'Flash Back 4' questions were:  

1.What does WAP stand for in a network?

2.Monotheismis the belief of what?

3.Anthony Browne and Quentin Blake are what type of artist?

4.Ancient Egypt had an autocracy. What does this mean?

After half term we will be asking, “What is the structure of the Earth?” and “How do we make fruit yogurt?”

Our spelling rule next week is ‘n’ sounding words, such as: apparent controversy, correspond, recommend, contact, contract, environment, knowledge, reign, innovation, examine and examining.

 Our PE days are Tuesday and Thursday