This week in class we have been asking, “How can we run fast and improve our running technique?” We learned to keep our legs up and  backs straight and to get up keep trying. In Science, we asked, “What bones are in the human skeleton?” We learned that another word for skull is ‘cranium’ and we learned where the rib cage, skull, spine and pelvis are and their jobs. For example: the skull protects the brain and the spine helps us stand. We started writing up our Non-Chronological reports for this in writing. In Maths, we’ve started a new Times table practise and we’ve been using tens and ones to multiply and divide with remainders.

‘Our 'Flash Back 4' questions were:

1.What is a tribute? 
2.What is the humanists’ ‘Golden Rule’?
3.What do you use to glue pieces of clay together?
4.What geographical features would you see on these maps?
 - Political map
 - Physical map
 - Ordinal Survey (OS) map

Bonus Question

What is ‘Autocracy’?

Next week we will be asking, “Why was the pharaoh so powerful?” and “What are the different ways I learn?”

Our spelling rule next week is ‘l’ sounding words, such as: knowledge, library, particular, popular, allowed, aloud, example, typical, dental, label, steel, steal

 Our PE days are Tuesday and Thursday