This week in class we have been asking, ‘What did Ancient Egyptians believe?’ We learned they believed in the afterlight called, ‘The field of Reeds.’ They believed that when someone died, they would go to the Hall of Truth to weigh their heart on some scales by the God Anubis and if it was heavier than a feather, you would be devoured by a monster and cease to exist. They also believed it took a long time to reach the field of Reeds, so they had a special book called the ‘Book of the Dead’ to help them. In Science, we asked, ‘What are the main food groups?’ We learned about diary, protein, starchy and sugary carbohydrates, fats. We also learned that protein helps us heal torn muscles. In RE, we learned that Philosophy means the love of wisdom and that a moral is about knowing right and wrong.

Our 'Flash Back 4' questions were:

1.What is Philosophy?

2.Name the food group that would give you starchy carbohydrates. Why are they needed in a balanced diet?

3.Why did Ancient Egyptians mummify some bodies?

4.Define these scientific vocabulary words: organism, preserve, impermeable, opaque, emits and luminous.

 Next week we will be asking, “What did the Ancient Egyptians develop?” and “What makes abalanced diet?”

Our spelling rule next week is ‘j’ sounding words, such as: inject, object, imagine, geography, knowledge, suggest, image, submerge, adjust, intelligence, jigsaw and jogging.

 Our PE days are Tuesday and Thursday