This week in class we have been asking, ‘How does light impact the size of a shadow?’ We learned that the closer the light source is the smaller the shadow will be. We watched a video that showed the sun moving across the sky the shadow got bigger. We also learned that wherever the sun is, the object’s shadow is the opposite side. We also finished our History Key Piece, explaining how early human life changed from the Stone Age, Bronze and Iron Age.

Our 'Flash Back 4' questions were:

1.How are Tertiary colours made?

2.How are shadows of a translucent object different to those from a opaque object?

3.Name one way sacrifice is represented in the Trinity story.

4."Je suis une cochon" means ‘I am a pig.’ True or false?

Next week we will be carrying our our science investigation to prove what we learned this week, 'How does light impact the size of a shadow?’ We will be finishing our RE Key Piece and doing our final music performance on the glockenspiels.  

Our spelling rule next week is ‘or’ sounding words, such as: organise, overall, source, audio, audience, audible, ordinary, export, import, cornering, corner, corgi

 Our PE days are Tuesday (outdoor) and Thursday (indoor)