This week in class we have been asking, ‘When did the stone age take place?’ We learned that the world is around 5 billion years old and we learned the names of the three eras within the stone age: palaeolithic, Mesolithic, neolithic, which meant old, middle and new stone. We also learned the Ice Age occurred when the first human-type species were around, these were the Homosapien and Neanderthals. In French, we have learned how to say some animal names. For example: a horse is un cheval and a pig is un cochon.

Our 'Flash Back 4' questions were:

1.Uncochonand un lapin are which two animals in French?

2.What would I see on an OS (Ordinal Survey) map?

3.How are metamorphic rocks formed?

4.What is a Theologian?

 Next week we will be asking, ‘Who is Pablo Picasso and what is he known for?’ and ‘What is a Trinity triangle?’

Our spelling rule next week is ‘ue’ sounding words, such as: popular, regular, few, pursue, unicycle, unique, united, evacuate, vacuum, neutral, stewed and chewy

 Our PE days are Tuesday (outdoor) and Thursday (indoor)