This week in class we have been asking, ‘How can we fold corners on a box without cutting it?’ We finished our box project this week, using PVA glue to strengthen the fabric. We also asked, ‘What is soil?’ We learned that soil is made out of fragments of rock, dead leaves and animals, air and water. In PE, we had a bench-ball tournament.  

Our 'Flash Back 4' questions were:

1.What 4 things can you find in soil?

2.What is the difference between a town and a hamlet?

3.Concrete is an anthropic rock. What does this mean?

4.Georgia O'Keefe is an artist. She used different tones and tints in her work. How do we do this?

 After half-term we will be asking, ‘How do we see?’ and ‘Who lived before us?’

Our spelling rule after half term week is a recap of previous words including: builder, binoculars, experiment, analysis, height, style, deny, survive, describe, enough, although, doesn’t

 Our PE days are Tuesday (outdoor) and Thursday (indoor)