This week in class we have been asking:

 ‘How can we stiffen cloth with different solutions?’

One solution we used was hairspray, we also used liquid starch, cornflour solution, gelatine, flour and water and PVA glue.

We also asked:

 ‘How are fossils made?’

We learned that fossils come from an animal that has died and where it falls, sediment over time will cover it. Then, after a long time, it will become exposed because of erosion.

Our 'Flash Back 4' questions were:

Can you describe the 4 steps of fossilisation?

What is an anthropic rock?

What is a solution?

What is the difference between a living and dead thing?

 Next week we will be asking:

‘What are megafauna?’ and ‘How are OS maps different from political and physical maps?’

 Our spelling rule next week is the ‘oe’ sound including words such as:

telescope, periscope, microscope, microchip, sole, role, code, potatoes, notice, although and shown

 Our Graduate Award that we are working towards is Jigsaw

Our PE days are Tuesday (outdoor) and Thursday (indoor)