This week in Year 2, we have been reading ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine.’ In the chapter called ‘Grandma gets the medicine’ Grandma ate the medicine that George made and it made her fly out of the chair and she bumped into the roof. She said “I’m on fire! Get me some water George!” After that, she started to grow and got taller and taller until her head broke the ceiling into George’s bedroom and Grandma asked for another scoop, so she could get taller until she finally grew out of the attic and needed a crane to get her out of the house.

This week in Year 2, we have been learning we have been learning about plants and writing non-chronological report. In maths, we’ve learned names and properties of 3D shapes. Here’s some we know: cube, triangular-based pyramid, square-based pyramid, cylinder, hexagon-based pyramid, sphere, triangular prism and a cuboid.

Next week, we will be asking, “What does it mean to be responsible?” But also, we are all going to be taking part in Secret Agent Training Service!