This week in class we have been asking: How does an ice cube change state? What are the similarities and differences in Sacagawea and Michael Collin’s expeditions? How are the 5 senses important in Hindu worship at home?

Our Flashback 4 questions have been: Can you name me a solid, a liquid and a gas? Why are processed foods not very good for you? Can you tell me the numbers to 10 in French? How did the Great Fire of London start and how long did it last?

Next week we will be asking: How do we use wax in art to create the illusion of moving water when painting? Can some objects have a combination of states of matter? Can we tell the time past the hour?

Our spelling rule next week is ‘kn’ sounding words, such as: knee, know, knock, gnome and gnaw.

We have a visitor next week coming in to teach Boccia, this will mean our PE days are Tuesday and Wednesday. 

Our Graduate Award that we are working towards is Algorithms and Programming (Coding) which links very well to our current computing topic!