This week in class we have been asking: How do we recognise a gas? Why was Sacagawea important? How can I help others feel a part of a group? How are algorithms predictable? What is a tuck jump and a stretch jump? We have also started to plant our pumpkin seeds which we collected in October! 

Our Flashback 4 questions have been: Can you tell me how you feel today in French? What do each of these pictures represent? These pictures illustrate a whole and a halve. What piece of art is Katsushika Hokusai known for? In music, can you define pulse, pitch and tempo? 

Next week we will be asking: What is global warming? Where did Michael Collins go on his expedition? How are the 5 senses important in Hindu worship at home? How does music teach us about looking after our planet?  

Our spelling rule next week is ‘kn’ sounding words, such as: knee, know, knock, gnome and gnaw.  

Our PE days are Wednesday and Thursday 

Our Graduate Award that we are working towards is Algorithms and Programming (Coding) which links very well to our current computing topic!