In English this week, the children have been reading a non-fiction text about heating and cooling.  They have used prediction and inference skills to answer questions about changes of state which links to science.  We have finished the maths topic of money; if you can give your child opportunities to pay for items with money and work out the change needed, this will help reinforce their learning.  In science, we continued to learn about materials and we discussed sustainability.  The children were knowledgeable about reducing, reusing and recycling and had some good ideas about how they could reduce the amount they used at school and at home.  Our forest schools session followed on from last weeks knot tying skills, as we built a shelter for the Three Little Pigs.  The children demonstrated fantastic team work!  In Jigsaw the children were considering who they work well with as they began a group project designing an exotic bird.  During geography, the children learned more about cold deserts and labelled the human and physical features in a antarctic landscape.

Next week, the children will be reading a fiction text called, ‘Rick Comes to Stay.’  In Maths, the children will be learning about Multiplication and Division. In RE, the children will be learning about the parable of 'The Lost Son’. Our science work will include creating a visual dictionary which shows examples of each physical property. In geography, we will continue our work about mountains, ice sheets, settlements and research stations. The children will be continuing their Art work about Pablo Picasso and how he used tints, tones and shades in his 'Blue Period' (1901-04).