In year 2 this week, the children have been focussing on a text entitled 'Fairytales' in their reading sessions.  They have used their inference and predicting skills when answering questions about the characters.  Our maths has been all about money, the children have been counting and comparing money in pounds and pence.  The children were extremely excited to use the laptops for the first time this week and practised loggin on, resizing images and loggin off.  During music, we learned about the pulse, rhythm and melody.  The children were also introduced to a new word: 'staccato'.  I wonder if they can remember what it means?  Our science work was interesting as we did an experiment to find which material was the most absorbent.  We discussed how we can make it a fair test and how we can avoid risks in experiments.

Next week, the children will be reading a non-fiction text about heating and cooling materials.  They will continue learning about money in maths as they calculate amounts and work out how to give change.  In RE, they will be focus on the parable of 'The Lost Sheep'.  Our science work will look at sustainability through talking about reducing, reusing and recycling.  In geography, we will learn about mountains, ice sheets, settlements and research stations.  We will be creative in our art session focussing on Pablo Picasso and how he used tints, tones and shades in his 'Blue Period' (1901-04).