This week in class we have been asking: Why is exercise important?   How can we use old fabrics to create something new? How do we use a search engine? What is a 2d shape? What is a 3d shape?

Our Flashback 4 questions have been: Can you name two animals that change form in their life cycle? What types of equipment did they use in Victorian schools? Can you name four things animals need to survive? Can we say the numbers from 1-10 in French?

Next week we will be asking: How do humans look after their bodies? Can we use more than one technique to sew? What might we find in a Victorian time capsule? What does the word ‘symmetrical’ mean? How do we use lines of symmetry to complete a shape?

Our sounds next week will be a recap of a-e, er and and ea including words such as ‘pavement, underline and feature’. We will also be looking at reading different place names such as ‘Redmire, Shawbury and Sevenoaks’.

Our Graduate Award that we are working towards is Jigsaw linked to our topic this term ‘Celebrating difference’.

Our PE days next week are: Monday and Tuesday.