This week in class we have been asking: How did Victorian children live? What was Victorian school life like? Why do animals need the right temperature?  How do we write a letter?

Our Flashback 4 questions have been: How did Victorian children dress? Can you name animals that are herbivores, carnivores and Omnivores. What physical and human features did we see on our walk around Keyingham. What is a search engine?

Next week we will be asking: Why is exercise important?   How can we use old fabrics to create something new? How do we use a search engine? What is a 2d shape? What is a 3d shape?

Our sounds next week will be a recap of oi, oy and ay including words such as hoisted, annoy and haystack. We will also be looking at reading different place names such as ‘Aberdeen, Exeter and Talladale’.

Our Graduate Award that we are working towards is History.

[2:09 PM] E Wilson

I’m just waiting for someone to send me a pic from the trip because I took all the photos on Mrs Smiths iPad because I’d left mine at home🙈