This week in class we have been asking: How does light affect the growth of plants?  How can we find the beat or groove of the music? What methods can we use to add three 1-digit numbers? How many verbs can we find in our book ‘Eddie’s Garden and how to make things grow’?

Last week, we kept a very close eye on our seeds that we planted. We are all super happy because our seeds have grown so well and our predictions were correct!

Our Flashback 4 questions have been: Can you describe he different stages of germination? What is the difference between fruit and vegetables? What is a worldview? Can you name the 3 primary colours and the secondary colours?

Next term we will be asking: What is a primary source? Why do animals need to eat? What does it mean to be free? Can I show my emotions through dance? Can I add and subtract 10 more and 10 less?

Our sounds next term will be ‘ew’, ‘are’ and ‘ea’ including words such as nephew, glare and peaceful. We will also be looking at reading different place names such as ‘Winchester, Westminster and Blackpool’.

Our Graduate Award that we are working towards is Being Me, linked to our Jigsaw lessons.

Our PE days are: Monday and Tuesday.