This week in Year 6, we have been reading…Itch (Our 10 minute pledge book) This week Itch, Chloe and Jack went to Mr Watkins who took him to a science lab where Dr Alexander told them how these rocks could be a new element. He also told them how they could help people with cancer, but could also be very deadly in the wrong hands. It ended with some people arriving and pretending to be journalists (They were from Greencorps). Our text in reading lessons was all about ‘Strange Hearts’. We learnt that a blue whale’s heart was as heavy as a polar bear or a horse.

•This week in Year 6, we have been learning… how to multiply and divide fractions by 10,100 and 1000 to three decimal places. We started plot points 1 and 2 for our narrative in writing lessons. In PE, we started gymnastics and focused on how to walk straight with good posture as well as some different rolls. In RE on Wednesday, we looked at different places of worship and compared them. On Tuesday, we learnt how to tie knots in Forest School without letting go of the rope. Finally, we spent our skills afternoon on Thursday looking at different areas for the SATs and even enjoyed a few songs to help us.

•Next week in Year 6, we will be asking…

-Is it easier to convert a fraction to a decimal, or a decimal to a fraction?

-How do we create atmosphere in narratives?

-What does worship look like in Judaism?

-Without a scale, would maps be difficult to draw?

-How can we make our blog more engaging?

-What do you spend more time with at home: Your family or your devices?