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Mr M. Copley

Hello. My name is Mr Copley. In class, we spend a lot of our time working hard on our Writing, Reading and Maths skills to help prepare for the SATs in May and to help get us ready for the transition to high school. We like to have fun in Year 6, but we also know we need to work hard and try our best in everything we do.

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  • 30/06/23


    This week we were very excited to practise our play, especially on Tuesday when Marlowe was added to the rehearsals as Toto.  We’ve been asking the question, ‘What is life about?’ and creating double page spreads containing the view of different faiths about what they believe...
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  • 23/06/23


    his week in year 6, we have been writing about the climate change and how it impacts the world.  In math's we have been learning how to solve ratio problems and how we use this knowledge in activities such as baking. We really enjoyed art creating our own vision of the school environment wi...
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  • 16/06/23


    This week year 6 have finished their writing about Macbeth and completed more work on maths relating to the future.  Mortgages, tax and paying bills have all come up.  We’ve practiced our play again and it’s looking pretty sharp.  We’ve really enjoyed the nice weathe...
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  • 09/06/23


    This week we have been doing our own writing based on the witches from MacBeth.  We've done lots of money maths and read a lot about Charles Darwin.  We've been creating out own animation stories in IT using purple mash.  We've also been all the way through our school play...
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  • 26/05/23


    On Monday we had a full day practising our school play - it went really well.  Tuesday took us to Driffield for the food and farming education day.  The sheep dog had a good go at controlling the sheep but they were being a bit naughty.  The gun dogs were so well behaved and enjoyed d...
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  • 19/05/23


    This week has been more easy going after our SATs have finished.  We’ve done some maths lessons on profit and loss, started writing some narrative in English about overcoming our fears and studied evolution in science.  We’ve also added another dance to our play rehearsals and...
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  • 12/05/23


    Year 6 this week have had an amazing week.  We've done our absolute best, we've got through more pastry for breakfast than Mr Copley thought we could eat and we also found out that haribos make great brain food.  We finished the week with a magical afternoon of PE and drumming and...
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  • 28/04/23


    Play rehearsals went well again.  We’re now halfway through scene 2.  We’ve also learnt more towards our SATs like the nets of shapes.  The internet went down today but we managed to survive without it for a short period of time.  Everyone is hitting their goals that...
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  • 21/04/23


    This week we did our first rehearsal for our school play – The Wizard of Oz.  We got all the way to the end of scene 1.  We’ve also been very busy preparing for our SATs.  We’ve earned lots of school values points for concentrating for so long. Our first taste o...
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  • 31/03/23


    This week we have been very curious by asking lots of questions in maths.  We’ve been data handling and cracked it by concentrating really well.  We got to design a card for the king’s coronation. We developed our dance sequences in PE and today we wrote beautifully in our best...
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  • 24/03/23


    This week in Year 6 we have shown kindness when helping younger children plants trees. This week in Year 6 we have shown courage when tackling complex problems about angles in Maths. This week in Year 6 we have shown curiosity when visiting The Space Centre in Leicester. Next week in Year 6...
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  • 17/03/23


    This week we have been learning about angles in maths which seems to have gone rather well.  We got to have another go at golf as well.  We wrote a setting description about climbing a mountain and in RE we investigated different aspects of Christianity.  We finished the week with a r...
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