This week in class we have been studying co-ordinates in maths and writing some more of our narrative.  In History we will be asking what made the British Empire decline, continuing with our performance and again looking at the functions of the human body (specifically the heart and the circulatory system).

Next week, we will be finishing our work on co-ordinates and solving problems.We will also be adding an exciting ending to our narratives.  We will be extending our understanding on the purpose of life in the context of different faiths.  In History, we will be asking about the effects of migration to the UK in the post war period.  Science will focus on the blood vessels of the circulatory system.

The spelling pattern for next week is the sound ‘sh’ and will involve words like cautious, fictitious, instruction, initial, definition, duration, infectious, negotiation, malicious.
 Children are free to work on whichever graduate award takes their interest.