This week in class we have been asking....How useful are statistics?  How do we write effective reports?  What are the reasons for forced migration?  Can we use spreadsheets effectively for different purposes?  If there is no divine plan, what is life’s purpose?  What are microorganisms?
After the Easter holidays, the children in year 6 will be preparing for their SATs.  They’ve worked incredibly hard this term and showing great progress in their studies.  They should be very proud of themselves.  After Easter, year 6 will be studying a variety of subjects such as they will be looking at the functions of the human body and also chemical reactions.  They will look at digital photography, French, RE and variety of others as well as getting ready for secondary school.  Have a well deserved break and I’ll see you in the summer term.
 Children are free to work on whichever graduate award takes their interest.