This week in class we have been asking.... how do we write effective reports?  What is area and perimeter? Who was Socrates and what were some of his teachings? What are push and pull factors in migration? Can we format spreadsheets to make the cells work for us?  We have also been doing some practice SATs this week.  It’s been tough but we’ve given it our best.  We have our scores as well.

 Next week we will be asking… What makes a good biography, can we calculate area, perimeter and volume of different shapes, what are push and pull factors in migration?  Can we use excel to perform complex calculations for us? Who was Nietzche?

Our spelling rule next week is the sound ‘sh’ and includes words like:explanation, essential, social, misshapen, pronunciation, partial, ambitious, foolishness, confidential.

 Children are free to work on whichever graduate award takes their interest.