This week in class we have been asking:

What did the Anglo-Saxons make and trade?

Can we plan and make a program which has a timer and a score?

What are the features of a good biography? 

Do we know any notes on the recorder?

What are the features of a good biography?

What skills show good body control in gymnastics?

Next week we will be asking:

Why did Jesus have to die (salvation)?

Can street foods save us?

Can we make parallel circuits?

What do we know about the Anglo-Saxons? 

Can we solve long division confidently?

Our spelling rule next week is the sound ‘o’ which includes spellings such as:

correspond, alternate, convention, solitary, foreign, octopus, contemporary, complex,

Our Graduate Award that we are working towards is the maths one (a bit of problem solving) which can be found in the homework opportunities on the school website.  The children can work on this if they wish to and receive a graduate award certificate next week.

Our PE days are:

Monday & Thursday