This week in class we have been asking.... Why is the resurrection significant to Christians? Where did the Anglo-Saxons live?  How do we stay safe online? How do we add suspense to our narrative?  Do we understand place value? What are electrical circuits and symbols?


Many of the children also successfully took part in their bikeability training.


Next week we will be asking…how do we know about the Anglo-Saxons?  What’s the same and what’s different about the different gospel narratives?  What’s the different between a battery and a cell?  How long should we spend on our screens?  How confident is our arithmetic?  How do we add suspense to our writing?

Our spelling rule next week is the sound including words such as: individual, epidemic, system, equipped, privilege, building, misheard.

Our Graduate Award that we are working towards is the first of the Jigsaw ones, ‘being me’ which can be found in the homework opportunities on the school website.  The children can work on this if they wish to and receive a graduate award certificate next week.