This week in Year 5, we have shown kindness by enjoying ourselves in our rugby session which included us complimenting each other when we did something well and checking on each other if we fell over.

This week in Year 5, we have shown courage by trying to complete Year 6 arithmetic tests so we are more than ready for when we move into our new class. We have all shown resilience and Mr Hebb was really pleased with our scores today.

This week in Year 5, we have shown curiosity by investigating the different strengths of magnets in Science – we even managed to link to Maths by working out the mean (average) of each magnet.

Next week, we will be continuing our narrative based on the animation ‘Ruin’ as we have really enjoyed it this week. In Reading, we will be looking at the poem ‘We are Refugees’ by Benjamin Zephaniah and we are moving onto Negative Numbers in Maths. In the afternoons, we will be working on reversible changes in Science on Monday. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoon will be spent with the rest of KS2 rehearsing Wizard of Oz and our dances. Friday will be our next rugby session in the afternoon, so don’t forget to come in your PE kit.