This week in Year 5, we have shown kindness by helping each other out in class when we have been working on both our new double page spread format and when making our Ancient Greek theatre masks out of clay in Art.

This week in Year 5, we have shown courage by working hard in Dalby Forest when making our shelters – we worked hard, showed resilience and learnt from our mistakes when making them. We also showed courage when we played the hide and seek game especially as we were in an unfamiliar location to what we are normally used too.

This week in Year 5, we have shown curiosity by learning all about different parts of the Farming and Food industry when we went to the show in Driffield on Tuesday. We asked lots of good questions and found out lots of new information as well as getting to see how a sheep is sheared!

Next week, you just need to have a well-earned week off and recharge before your last half term in Year 5.