This week in Year 5, we have shown kindness by working well and listening to Mrs Burman when we were learning how to tie knots in Forest School. We have also shown kindness by helping the younger children at break and lunchtimes.

This week in Year 5, we have shown courage by taking on different roles in group work and trying to work well with other children who we would not normally work with. This has encouraged to step out of our comfort zone.

This week in Year 5, we have shown curiosity by investigating water resistance. We made different shapes with blu-tac and dropped it into a cylinder of water. We had to use stopwatches to time how long it took. We were looking at comparative testing to decide which shape caused the least water resistance. Our enquiry skills were also tested when we had to see whether the surface of paper would affect how fast we could run.

Next week, we will be continuing our narrative based on ‘The Explorer’ book we have been reading in our pledge every day. In Maths, we will be completing a couple of assessments to see how much we can remember from our Place Value work this half term. Along with our last Jigsaw session of the half term and Forest School, we will also be attempting to create our first double-page spread using some of the learning we have covered over the last six weeks.