This week in class we have been asking....

What do I need to include in my writing to make sure the point of view is clear? How do you read and plot co-ordinates? Why is self-esteem important? How can we make sure we don’t need to rely on others to make us feel good? What is the difference between global warming and climate change? Can I match different pieces of art that have been inspired by belief in Jesus as the Messiah? Is it possible to use a Crumble, in Computing, to create a moving model?

Our 'Flash Back 4' questions were...

Today: Name a variety of different 3D shapes and how many faces, edges and vertices they have.

This/last week: What is the difference between a regular and irregular polygon?

This term: What is the French for ‘Mum’ and ‘Dad’?

Last term:What is the name of religions that only believe in one god? (Clue - ______________ faith).

Next week we will be asking....

What does it mean to ‘Translate shapes’ and how do you do this? Can I work with other children as part of a dance performance? What will I see and learn about from the Driffield food and farm show? How do I add more instruments to my hip hop music track on Charanga? Can I write an algorithm to successfully program a moving model in Computing?

Our spelling rule next week will be ‘ee’ including words such as …..

accompany, committee, conceive, feeling, hierarchy, medieval, mediocre, mischievous, overseas, perceive

Our Graduate Award that we are working towards is …..

Computing – Coding


REMEMBER: PE is every Monday and Tuesday