This week in class we have been asking....

What is the difference between present perfect tense, past perfect tense and future perfect tense? How do we find the perimeter of rectilinear shapes and other polygons? What calculation is needed to find the area of a rectangle? What do we need to consider when we are designing a road safety belt? Who is involved in a play at the theatre? What happened in Romeo and Juliet? What is a Messiah? How do you connect a crumble to a computer? What does hip hop music sound like?

Our 'Flash Back 4' questions were...

Today: Can you give an example of the Past Perfect Tense?

This/last week: What is the French for ‘Mum’ and ‘Dad’?

Spring term: What type of water makes up 98% of water on Earth?

Autumn term: Where did The Maya live?

Next week we will be asking....

How do we write a persuasive letter? What is the best way to find the area of a compound shape? How is a line graph different to a bar chart? How does the force of gravity work? Can I recognise my good qualities? What is my self-esteem like? How can music affect how I am feeling inside? What else can we do with a Crumble in Computing?

Our spelling rule next week will be ‘w’ including words such as …..

abbreviate, acquire, aquarium, equipment, language, persuade, require, wary, weary, where

Our Graduate Award that we are working towards is …..

Computing - Coding

Our PE days are: Monday's (Inside Dance) and Tuesday's (outside) this term.
(WC 15/04/2024 - PE will be Monday and Thursday)